The way that advertising, fashion and trends are consumed and understood has dramatically changed. Today´s audience is younger and more demanding, while the offer has widened. Today, one image means everything.

M91AGENCY gathers the influencers who better display a particular lifestyle. We care of every detail in their productions. Through them, we help brands to reach their public on a natural and direct way.

At M91AGENCY you will find the best trendsetters of today. Their talent is witnessed in their blogs, instagram and social network accounts as it can be perceived in their day to day lives.  Either if you are a brand and are keen to excel amongst a new audience, or if you have a talent and need management, this is your agency.

We truly believe in the people we work with, and we are convinced that we can achieve something greater together than each individual person can on their own.

We serve as the link between some of the most influential people in social media and the world’s biggest brands. We develop PR, branding, performance and marketing strategies that are tailored to suit the rapidly evolving digital landscape as well as innovative and ground-breaking concepts to meet market demands.

With talent as our main asset, branded entertainment as our product and creativity as our differentiator.

We proudly represent 2 influential digital creators and 3 models across multiple platforms and divisions, with different nationalities.


M91AGENCY exclusively represents digital influencers individually, building bespoke plans that turn influencers into brands and their businesses into empires.

M91AGENCY represents a world class portfolio of diverse social media-oriented personalities, creator and publishers from different nationalities. 

We focus on top-level content and storytelling

“71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media reference” HUBSPOT

YouTuber, Investor & Influencer based in Dubai, UAE

Luxury, Business, & Supercars

Spanish & English 

Entrepreneur, Editor & adventurer behind

Luxury Lifestyle around the world. Best hotels of the World. 

English & Spanish.


We believe in people is why we support young models that will be the next model generation worldwide. 

Our portfolio characterized for being divers with model from different nationalities.